Stewards is a nonprofit that works with vulnerable individuals in Kern County by advocating for homelessness prevention through connection to social services, resources, and acting as an appointed representative payee service.

Most of our clients are dealing with mental disabilities, and many have co-occurring disorders. Managing living decisions and day-to-day finances can be a challenge for many of these individuals and they do not have a relative or a close friend that can act on their behalf. Our role is to come alongside these individuals and help them steward their life.

As a faith-rooted nonprofit, we recognize the worth and dignity of every individual, no matter their circumstance. With over 20 years experience, we are committed to providing trustworthy financial counsel, excellent stewardship guidance, social service resources for food and housing, and compassionate support to help people stay safe, become successful, and achieve their dreams.

We want to guide our clients with care and compassion to help them steward and navigate their life. We care most that our clients are safe, off the streets, their basic needs being met, and they have a plan for a brighter future.


Manage money for people who need help.

Connect clients with community services and resources.

Help clients find and keep safe, affordable housing.

Our mission and vision is to prevent homelessness in our community. All of our services steward clients in the stewardship of their lives. We are dedicated to helping keep our clients safe, healthy, and financially stable. 


We are faith-rooted.

Our Christian roots has been a foundation of who we are and why we do it. Through our services and relationships, we want to provide hope and help our clients achieve their dreams of a bright future.

All of our services steward clients in the stewardship of their lives. We are dedicated to helping keep our clients safe, healthy, and financially stable. .

We care for the vulnerable.

We value people.

We are compassionate, empathetic, trustworthy, and hopeful. We treat our clients, donors, community, and each other with dignity and respect.

We work in and partner with other organizations in our community to keep it clean, safe, and provide educational opportunities. We believe communities work best when there’s committed effort to value where you live and to care for the lives of people. It is a group effort and we are in it for the long haul.

We are committed to our community.

We are stewards.

We are faithful to manage our resources in a manner that brings maximum benefit to our clients. We speak and act honestly. We are open and factual in our dealings with our donor, government programs, and our clients. We assist our clients in stewarding their resources so they can be as healthy, happy, and safe as possible.



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